COMPRESSPORT® partners Skyrunner® World Series & Continental Championships

World leading compression and apparel brand, COMPRESSPORT® once again partners with the Skyrunner® World Series for a new season after a highly successful inaugural year in 2014.

More races, more places and now the chance of extra ranking points and increased exposure with the new Skyrunning Continental Championship races. Nine countries, five continents for a total of twenty-seven races in the three disciplines: Vertical, Sky and Ultra.

Reaching for the Sky, COMPRESSPORT® athletes will be looking to follow on from Elisa Desco’s outstanding World Championship victory on the mountains of the endurance capital of the world; Chamonix. From Hong Kong to Australia, France, Italy and Spain, the most iconic mountains will provide the perfect outdoor arena on which to do battle.

Elisa Desco, Ultraks, 2014. ©

Presenting one of the strongest teams ever witnessed, the 2015 COMPRESSPORT® athletes from across the world include: Elisa Desco, Marco De Gasperi, Ionut Zinca, Fernanda Maciel, Sebastien Chaigneau, Aurélien Dunand-Pallaz, Alexis Sevennec, William Bon Mardion, Nuria Picas, Pau Capell, Yeray Duran, Manuel Merillas and Zigor Iturrieta.

The challenging and iconic courses stretch across the globe from the rugged Montana mountains, to the steep slopes of Mont Blanc and the Dolomites in the heart of Europe to the Far East and Oceania, the 2015 Skyrunner® World Series and Continental Championships once again move the sport up a notch confirming it as one of the most demanding and challenging in the world.

Extreme races require products that facilitate world-class performances under these challenging conditions. The COMPRESSPORT® TRAIL Running Line offers a wide range of products designed to boost performance, delay fatigue, avoid muscle tear and injuries and maximize and speed up recovery, which include tank tops, shorts, arm and calf sleeves and socks.

Marco De Gasperi, 2015 Asia Championships, Hong Kong. ©Lloyd Belcher

Amateur and professional athletes alike will be hitting the trails and mountains in the Skyrunner® Series, looking for the edge that COMPRESSPORT® products provide.

Beautiful races, iconic places, altitude and challenging terrain… will you join COMPRESSPORT® in the 2015 Skyrunner and Continental Series?

Skyrunner® World Series & Continental Championships

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