Miya scoops another skyrunning win at Uitsoek Skymarathon®

Uitsoek Lucky Miya

Lucky Miya achieved his third skyrunning title at the inaugural Uitsoek Skymarathon®, which took place near the Sudwala Caves, some 80km from Nelspruit last weekend.

The third event in the 2015 South African Skyrunner® Series, the 37km Uitsoek Skymarathon® was Mpumalanga’s first ever skyrunning event, and followed the Uitsoek hiking trail, boasting 2 000m of elevation gain over mixed terrain of pine forests, steep climbs and mountain streams crossings, speckled with waterfalls and breathtaking views.

Fifty-two runners toed the start line under clear winter skies, and as the lead pack jostled their way through indigenous forest to the first checkpoint, Miya was comfortably in 4th position.

By the halfway mark Miya had taken solid command of the race, and used his technical trail running abilities over the descents to stretch his lead and finish in an impressive 4:03:41, a clear 29 minutes ahead of 2nd place Stewart Chaperon (4:33:09).

Pedro Calderon crossed the line in 3rd position (4:46:47).

Nicky Booyens dominated the ladies category with a 5:20:17 win, securing a clear four and a half minute lead over second placed Karine Bezuidenhout (5:24:54).

Natia van Heerden finished 3rd lady (5:43:59).

Race organiser Sven Musica of TerraMotion sees having an event as part of the South African Skyrunning Association (SASA) as a great start for the race’s future.

“The South African Skyrunner® Series offers a larger vision to those who partake in them, as focus is not simply on the race itself but on the series as a whole and the earning of points with each event completed in the Series,” says Musica.

“I’ve no doubt that the South African Skyrunner® Series will become as popular (is there a word missing here or am I reading it incorrectly) the Skyrunner® Series in Europe. In South Africa the races are becoming more and more challenging, which is particularly great for giving top runners gain more experience should they one day tackle the World Series.

The next race in the 2015 South African Skyrunner® Series is the Extreme Dodo Trail Ultra Skymarathon® in Mauritius on 26 July. The distance of the race is 50km, with a total elevation gain of 3 500m.

The Extreme Dodo Trail Ultra Skymarathon® is not only part of the national Skyrunner® Series but has been appointed by the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF) as the 2015 Continental Skyrunning Championships for Africa.

Current point standings in the 2015 South African Skyrunner® Series

Based on the results of the Drakensberg Northern Trail Skymarathon®, the Ingeli Skymarathon®, and the Uitsoek Skymarathon®, the current points standing in the 2015 South African Skyrunner ® Series are as follows:


Lucky Miya – 188 points

Iain don Wauchope – 100

Nceba Mahlawe – 100

Stewart Chaperon – 88

Jock Green – 88

Pedro Calderon – 78

Simon Armour – 78


Nicky Booyens – 188 points

Su don Wauchope – 100

Driekie Black – 100

Tracey Zunkel – 88

Karine Bezuidenhout – 88

Anella Conradie – 88

Misty Weyer – 78

Natia van Heerden – 78

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