Official Statement: Ingeli SkyMarathon® Results

Following the unusual situation that came about during the ladies race at the Ingeli SkyMarathon® on Saturday 30th of April 2016, in which the lead lady, Katya Soggot mistakenly took a wrong turn just 300m from the finish line, resulting in her finishing in 2nd place, the South African Skyrunning Association (SASA) wishes to place on record that the association fully supports and backs the decision of race director Dave Dixon to hold steadfast to the rules and regulations of said race: that the winners of the race were the first man and woman who, having abided by all the race rules during the course of the event, each crossed the finish line first.

An investigation as to whether there was any negligence on behalf of the race organisers, which could have led to the circumstances explained above, was conducted by SASA shortly after the event. It was found that all necessary precautions were put in place by the race organisers to ensure both exceptional runner safety as well as adequate course layout and marking.

As the qualifying race for the 2016 World Skyrunning Championships, the prize for the respective winners of the Ingeli SkyMarathon® is a fully paid-for trip to compete in the 2016 World Skyrunning Champs to be staged at the Buff® Epic Run in the Vall de Boi in the heart of the Pyrenees on 23 July. Through the official results of the 2016 Ingeli SkyMarathon® as recorded by the race organisers, and through the post-race investigation as previously mentioned, SASA officially recognizes the race winners as Lucky Miya and Tracy Zunckel who will compete on behalf of SASA.

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