Congratulations to the 2016 South African Skyrunner® Series winners

The 2016 Skyrunner® Series was another nail biting affair as skyrunners took to the start line of six different races around South Africa throughout the year.

Congratulations goes to Marzelle van der Merwe (pictured above) who topped the rankings in the women’s series with 244 points, and Stewart Chaperon (below) ranked highest in the men’s, with 214.

Stewart Chaperon running strongly to finish 3rd at the Uitsoek SkyMarathon

“It’s been a really exciting year for skyrunning in South Africa,” said South African Skyrunning Association [SASA] Chairman James Hallett.”Not only were runners treated to six world class events, but so too was the trail community as a whole to some world class performances, not only by the Series winners but by the winners of each race.”

The top three in each division were as follows:


  1. Stewart Chaperon – 214 points
    (Drakensberg Northern Trail + Wolkberg + Uitsoek)

  2. Ruan van der Merwe176 points
    (Drakensberg Northern Trail + Wolkberg + Uitsoek)

  3. Mazu Ndandani  – 172 points
    (Ingeli + Wolkberg + Lesotho Ultra Trail)


  1. Marzelle van der Merwe244 points
    (Ingeli + Wolkberg + Uitsoek) 

  2. Lawrette McFarlane – 206 points
    (Drakensberg Northern Trail + Wolkberg + Uitsoek)

  3. Lorraine Boshoff194 points
    (Drakensberg Northern Trail + Wolkberg + Uitsoek) 

An emotional Marzell van der Merwe after finishing 3rd at the Drakensberg Northern Trail

In line with International Skyrunning Federation requirements, the Skyrunner® Series works on a three-best-scores-to-count basis.

“The more Series races you compete in during the course of the year, the better your chances of improving your ranking,” explains SASA chairman James Hallett.

The six events in the 2016 Skyrunner® Series were:

  • Drakensberg Northern Trail SkyMarathon (42km, 2 100m vert)

  • Ingeli SkyMarathon (42km, 1 800m vert)

  • Wolkberg SkyMarathon (34km, 1 800m vert)

  • Marloth Ultra SkyMarathon (55km, 3 490m vert)

  • Uitsoek SkyMarathon (36km, 2 167m vert)

  • Lesotho Ultra Trail Ultra SkyMarathon (50km, 3 200m vert)

Race dates for the 2017 Skyrunner® Series calendar are currently being finalised, and will be available in early January.

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