Announcing the winners of the 2017 Skyrunner® Series

Toit Honiball is the 2017 Skyrunner® Series men’s champion with 238 points.

Nicolette Griffieon wins the women’s Series with 188 points.

In line with International Skyrunning Federation requirements, the Skyrunner® Series works on a three-best-scores-to-count basis. If, however, no runners in a category have completed three events, then the process rolls down to a two-scores-to-count basis.

The top three in each division were as follows:


  1. Toit Honiball (Drakensberg Northern Trail + Ingeli + Wolkberg) – 238 points

  2. Bruce Arnett (Drakensberg Northern Trail + Wolkberg + Uitsoek) – 176 points

  3. Peter Pienaar (Wolkberg + Uitsoek + Lesotho Ultra Trail) – 130 points


  1. Nicolette Griffieon (Drakensberg Northern Trail + Lesotho Ultra Trail) – 188 points

  2. Marzelle van der Merwe (Drakensberg Northern Trail + Lesotho Ultra Trail) – 160 points

  3. Rizta Fouche (Wolkberg + Lesotho Ultra Trail) – 160 points

The five events in the 2017 Skyrunner® Series were:

  • Drakensberg Northern Trail SkyMarathon (42km, 2 100m vert)

  • Ingeli SkyMarathon (42km, 1 800m vert)

  • Wolkberg SkyMarathon (34km, 1 800m vert)

  • Uitsoek SkyMarathon (36km, 2 167m vert)

  • Lesotho Ultra Trail Ultra SkyMarathon (50km, 3 200m vert)

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