Skyrunning World Championships 2016

The BUFF® Epic Trail 42KM is a marathon distance race in a technical and spectacular trail running course with a 3.200 m climb and an overall of 6.400 m cumulative altitude.

Aigüestortes and Lake Sant Maurici National Park is one of the fourteen national parks in the Spanish State, and the only one within Catalonia. Located at the heart of the Pyrenees, it constitutes -together with the parks of Ordesa and Monte Perdido and the one in the French Pyrenees- an excellent sample of the main ecosystems that we can discover in the Catalan high mountain areas.

Peaks of more than three thousand meters height; rivers, ravines, water falls and marshes which make us truly feel in the land of water; more than 200 mountain lakes varying in shape and color; and a great diversity of animal and vegetal species that struggle to survive in a harsh environment, all of which give life to this protected natural space, unique in the South of Europe.


Lucky Miya (35) – Johannesburg, Gauteng


David Lucky Miya was born on 26th March 1981. Having competed at a very high level in road running early on in his running career (achieving a 2h15min marathon), Lucky moved to trail running and has shined as one of South Africa’s top trail running talents ever since. Having won 5 of the 6 South African Skyrunner Series races he’s entered (he’s won the series two years in a row since 2014), Lucky’s skyrunning ambitions are evident. Here we ask him a few questions about the upcoming Skyrunning World Championships.

SASA: How has your preparation for the race been, and have you done anything differently from your previous world champs in 2014?

LM: The preparations haven’t gone as planned as I have missed two weeks of training between 4th June to 18 June due to a calf strain, but was fortunate that my coach Neville Beeton arranged the physio (Graeme) to sort it out quickly for me. He then adjusted my program, long runs and few quality speed session was the key as more than that would not get me to a good shape to do well at the event. I’m quite happy as I feel much better compared to my trip to the 2014 Skyrunning World Championships and I believe I will do well this year

SASA: What will be your race strategy as far as the route profile and your competitors go?

LM: It will be a tough race and I’m not sure who my competitors will be but it will be a very experienced group of guys no doubt, so the strategy will be to run my own race. I will start with a medium pace and gradually pick it up but carefully as there will be big climbs for the 1st part of the course and so I’ll need to maintain that to carry me throughout the race.

SASA: How are you feeling for the race?

LM: I’m feeling great, strong & super excited to be able to participate in the Skrunning World Championships again and with the experience I got in 2014, I’m confident I will have a great run if all goes well on the day.

SASA: Having experienced local and international skyrunning races, what do you love the most about the whole concept of skyrunning?

LM: To do mountain running above 2,000m over technical trails, steep long climbs and, in some case, some very tough conditions. Having an opportunity to test your body against these extremely tough conditions is such an overwhelming experience that makes me proud and love the concept of the skyrunning.

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